1-on-1 Coaching

Today, we live in a world where we are constantly exposed to information. Our possibilities and choices are huge and a lot is expected of us. That puts us under constant pressure and it can start to feel like you're losing touch with yourself and each other. Often you don't even realize all the different situations you encounter in everyday life. Are you ever unsure of how to proceed, how to keep going? Do you suffer from anxiety, depression, stress, sadness? During 1 on 1 coaching, I will help you find insights about yourself and your surroundings, help you process trauma’s and teach you to feel and recognize your emotions. 

Emotion management
Our emotions can get in our way and that's why we often like to turn them off. Emotions determine how we look at the world around us, how we interact with each other and how we act ourselves. Emotions have a huge influence and can therefore easily manipulate you. The (unconscious) stress, that constant anxiety, sadness, feelings of guilt or not feeling good enough, can deplete and even make people sick. There are many ways to deal with emotions more conveniently. The most important lesson is: learn to name the feeling, the emotion or the tension and do something with it.

Emotion management will help you to interact better with others and you will notice how easily you can make a difference. This process starts with yourself: who you are, your own emotions and how you deal with those emotions.

'Know yourself'
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My coaching is a mix of coaching, training, advice, energetic work and personal attention because I strive for an optimal learning effect for real transformation. This combination provides the perfect basis to effectively address (emotional) problems. In emotion management I use energetic and mental techniques to detect and neutralize emotions, such as Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), Rapid Eye Techniques (RET) and Tapas Acupressure Technique (TAT). 

Energetic therapy
Everyone has an energy field around the physical body (the aura) and energy centers inside the body (chakras). External influences can cause you to become unbalanced, resulting in disharmony and (eventually) disease. The purpose of energetic therapy is to detect, analyze and treat blockages and disharmony. An energetic treatment or healing can be used in any form of imbalance and pain, both physically and mentally. Of course, Aura & Chakra Healing is not intended to replace treatment by a general practitioner or specialist. 

Do you want to learn how to consciously and effectively make choices that will suit you and your environment in a positive way? And above all, choices that will give you and your environment good outcomes? Please contact us to discuss the possibilities of 1-to-1 coaching. 

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