Oh My Goddess Workshop

Where beauty meets your inner strength

Nowadays a lot is expected of us: a good job, a loving relationship, a beautiful home, a social life and a perfect appearance. As soon as you wake up, your brain is already going off the entire to-do list. You get up, take care of yourself and/or your family and make sure you start work on time. That's where you are at your best, even if sometimes your head isn’t always in the game. You're not distracted and you can do everything at once. Or does that just seem so? How do you keep all those balls in the air and which ball is going to fall first? Time to put yourself first during the Oh My Goddess workshop for women!

The outside also makes the inside strong!

In our entire lives, both at school and at work, so many different things are expected of us. Sometimes we are expected not to stand out too much and blend in with the school or company culture. You could be the target if you stand out too much with your clothes, make-up or hair. You dress and behave like others. In the meantime, you're pushing yourself more and more into the background. You react from your ego and completely lose touch with your feeling and intuition. No wonder you know less and less about who you are, what choices you have to make or whether the love you feel for each other and yourself is becoming less and less.

We will help you awaken and grow your inner feminine strength, your inner goddess within yourself so that you feel like a strong and attractive woman again. With our Oh My Goddess Workshop for women, we give you the tools to connect with yourself, your strength and your intuition!

How does the Oh My Goddess workshop for women work?

Evening 1: Beauty on the inside – your inner goddess

During this evening you will meet the Greek goddesses, whom we use as symbols to gain insight into the workings of your inner powers. Each goddess has its own set of values, ambitions, intentions and behaviors that are characteristic of that goddess and that are present in every woman. For example, a woman can be very precise and ambitious at work (Artemis and Altena), while at home she is a caring mother (Demeter). Curious which goddess can be found inside of you? You will learn to recognize the goddesses in you or how to bring the powers a certain goddess more into focus. 

In addition, we reflect on the fact that we all have both male and female energy in us, Yin and Yang. We are mainly looking at the current society in which we do have a lot of work to do with our masculine side. What would it be like if we discovered and used our feminine side more? The feminine side stands for intuition, creativity, sense of community, sensuality and cooperation. This allows you to build stronger relationships with yourself, friends, colleagues and your partner. This will lead to personal and professional growth!

Make-up is art, beauty is spirit

Evening 2: Beauty on the outside – your outer goddess

The second evening of the Oh My Goddess workshop for women is dedicated to beauty. Our own beauty goddess Marlou Reijnders is a well-known name in the world of make-up and styling. Marlou provides a super fun and educational make-up workshop. Curious how you can accentuate your beautiful sides even more with make-up? In a relaxing way, Marlou introduces you to the power of outer care that will awaken your inner and sexy goddess even more! 

Yes, I want to awaken my inner goddess during the Oh My Goddess workshop for women!

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    Location of the workshop: Scharnerweg 10, Maastricht

    You will receive the prize for the workshop from us after having applied. Included in the price are delicious refreshments for during the workshop.

    Oh My Goddess Workshop voor vrouwen


    Do you have your own group or do you want to come during the day? Contact us to discuss the options or to ask a question. Bachelor groups are welcome

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