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My vision of life is very simple

My vision of life is simple, namely by simply seeing that there are no problems, just challenges. Nothing is impossible and I am proof of that! Everyone has a unique power within themself to realize their own dreams. The real changes come from within. It requires courage and decisiveness to achieve your dreams and goals.

Think of the past as a learning process (and no more than that). The past is instructive and sometimes you make mistakes. You learn from those mistakes. Sometimes others make mistakes. You'll learn from that, too. The less mental energy you waste on things that distract you, the better you can focus your attention on your goals and dreams. How did I get to this point?

Danielle Goedmaker mijn visie op het leven

After getting my degree in management, economics and law and a number of post-HBO courses I completed the training in interior architecture. On top of that, I've always been very interested in the psyche of man. Why do things happen or do people act the way they do? That's why I specialized in relationship coaching, job coaching, emotion management, and reintegration consulting. The most important thing in these courses is to determine the causes of the problems and how the problems can be addressed and resolved.

Besides my interest in the psyche of man, I have been sensing things very strongly since my childhood and my intuition has developed strongly. That's why I've also immersed myself in the spiritual side of life. Think numerology, chakra- and aurahealing and lenormand cards. I use this knowledge during coaching and spiritual consultations. To serve you well every time, I keep gaining new knowledge in this field. Dreamy? It's just the way you look at it. I keep myself steady and prepared to make sure that my consultations are accessible to everyone.

Also very important is the physical aspect and that is why I have completed a professional education to be a yoga, yoga trapeze and meditation teacher. Daarnaast heb ik de opleiding visagie gevolgd. Ik vind het fijn om mensen zich zowel innerlijk als uiterlijk goed te laten voelen en dit laat ik terugkomen in de Oh My Goddess Workshop

In addition, I have gained a lot of knowledge about life through experienced life events. Because of this experience, I can help you in the field of love and other life issues. As my passion really lies in coaching, spirituality and interior styling, I started again working for myself in 2017 after working as a self-employed person in the period 2010-2015. I'm so glad I did and can now help others through Imagine Your Life! I'm where I want to be and keep setting goals for myself. I would very much like to organize retreats abroad. A place where people can recharge, enjoy, come together and be completely themselves. 

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