Spiritual consultation

Every person has those moments in his or her life when you don't know how to keep going.Can’t you figure out yourself what to do? As a life manager and medium I try to bring out the best in everyone. I love people very much! During a spiritual consultation we will work on your personal growth and you discover who you truly are. 

Hokus Pokus?
Albert Einstein discovered that everything is energy. With that thought you can approach the spiritual side of life a bit more rationally. During a spiritual consultation I use various card decks and my shuttle in addition to my mediumship. I keep myself steady and prepared to make sure that my consultations are accessible to everyone. If you believe in spirituality, or at least you're open to it, I'm sure I can help you. 

Spiritueel consult Imagine Your Life

"Those who don’t believe in magic, will never find it"
                                                                                 – Roald Dahl

How does a spiritual consultation work?

During a spiritual consultation you will gain insights into your life and find out who you are as a person. Besides my mediumship I use different techniques. My shuttle can help you find answers to yes/no questions and by using my card deck you will get in touch with your energy and emotions at that moment. As a person you have a certain aura and the cards(s) that fit with your emotions at that moment attract you. Through insights into your good qualities or your challenges, you will find out who you really are. Do you want to understand a certain situation, for example your work or love? The cards can help you with that too. You often get confirmation of something that you've been thinking about for a long time, but that you can't figure out yourself. What matters to you at that moment will be shown in the cards. It shows a piece of your past, of the present, and a little bit of your future. Then you can work with the acquired insights about yourself, but they can also give you peace about a certain situation. You are offered a key so that you can open a door true yourself. Time to discover yourself!

Telephone spiritual consultation

Would you like a spiritual consultation but rather from the comfort of your own home or another place where you feel at ease? Or is it difficult to come to me because of physical limitations or distance? No problem! In this case, the consultation can also take place by telephone.

Tip: Keep pen and paper prepared so you can take notes during the conversation. Sometimes the information comes very quickly so you receive a lot of information at once. This way you will be able to write it all down and remember it. 

In addition to this, during the conversation you can write down all the questions that come to mind. Even after the consultation, these notes can still come in handy! Sometimes it takes a while for you to discover the link between the information from the consult and something you are experiencing at that moment. Do you have any new questions after the telephone spiritual consultation? I'd love to talk to you at a new appointment!

To make an appointment for a telephone spiritual consultation you can click on the button below. By clicking on the button you get the choice of a 60- 45- or 30-minute telephone consultation. After checkout you will receive an e-mail with a link to select a time and day for the telephone spiritual consultation.

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Note: I am not a doctor and therefore do not make predictions about the theme of health.

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